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Designers and manufacturers of electromagnetic mechanical devices, solenoids, chokes, insert-molded assemblies, electrical assemblies, temperature sensing and wire assemblies.

An-Mar Wiring Systems is a manufacturer of custom coils and electromagnets used in...

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An-Mar Wiring Systems is a manufacturer of custom molded products used in small appliances,...

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An-Mar provides a contract manufacturing service to its customers. We are particularly adept at...
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An-Mar is a manufacturer of custom wire assemblies containing NTC thermistors,...

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Electromagnetic Mechanical Devices :

An-Mar Wiring Systems
is a manufacturer of custom coils and electromagnets used in vending, industrial equipment, tattoo equipment, automotive and recreational vehicles.

Specializing in the short to medium production quantities, An-Mar Wiring Systems' electromagnetic devices are produced in a thoroughly quality controlled operation.
We produce consistent winding and assembly to your specifications, from 10 gauge to 43 gauge copper, on virtually any coil form you may require.
Our personnel are trained and experienced to assure you dependable quality throughout production.
We can supply your coil in whatever configuration, and to whatever specifications you require.

We will work closely with you to design the precise assembly to best perform your function requirements, and to produce your assembly with consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Please feel free to contact us via phone, Fax or E-Mail for a custom quote on your manufacturing needs. A handy 'Request for Quote' E-Mail Form is available for use by clicking on the 'Quotes' Link above.

An-Mar Wiring Systems looks forward to establishing a mutually beneficial working relationship with your company.

Contact: Craig Johnson